Real Lambos cost between 750 and 1100 - ebay toys may cost less but you get far less for your money, and when you have to remove them because they break which is cheaper then?






NEW Nissan 300ZX Pictures.


NEW LK500 Direct fit Lambo kit for Mercedes CLK available now.


All Lambotek kits are CAD CAM and CNC manufactured for the ultimate in quality.
(what does all this mean for you?)



Max Power Cover Car wears Lambotek Door Conversion.

Well Done Isaac.

NEW Rover 200/400 Kit

NEW Classic Mini Kit ready

NEW Calibra kit makes installation easier

NEW MR2 kit - lifts even higher!

NEW Celica kit - opens higher and is more stable!

New Audi 80 kit.

New Generation LK500 kits lift even higher and are even more stable. The first genuine Lambo look kits that can be bolted on!

Redline feature (August 2005) on Lambo doors is quite informative, although not entirely accurate.

Good few hints to customers - including don't let your car be a guinea pig for your bodyshop!

As you would expect feature uses 3 cars with Lambotek kits.

We are pleased to announce that Showtime Automotive is now the UK's leading lambo door specialist. For your convenience we now offer numerous different Lambo Door Kits (also known as Vertical Door Conversions, Diablo Doors, Vertical Door Kits, Scissor Doors.) These kits allow pretty much any car to have vertical lift doors - this is the accessory for 2006 - and at these prices it would be a shame not to! Lambo doors offer far more impact and are more simple to install than any bodykit on the market!

The UK designed and UK built range of Lambotek conversion kits is growing steadily. The Lambotek kit is the only one that is designed for UK use, and the only one that is designed for daily use. Most of the other kits seem to be entirely for show use, many open only to 40-45 degrees (which is like no Lambo I have ever seen). Please note that fitting instructions are available at the top of the page.

We are happy to fit any lambo kit for you if you need. We are happy to undertake fitting Lambo doors to almost any car - we were told the Z3 was impossible - and have done several now. We can convert 99% of all cars (TVR's excluded)

                 08704 996677

Most kits normally (but not always) held in stock - please phone for details. All kits are manufactured entirely in house in the UK, and can normally be made within a short period of time. No order too big or too small.

Kits from 750

Fully fitted prices from 1700 (common cars, as listed on left) - please ring for full details.

Fully fitted one-offs from 1700 - 3000 depending on car - please ring for full details.

All kits are CAD designed, and CNC CAM Manufactured for accuracy and durability. What does this mean? Click here for further info.

Please do not confuse these kits with the other kits available on the market. Not all Lambos are the same. The Lambotek kit is a fully adjustable multi-bearing, heavy duty, high lifting kit - others simply are not!!

Please note that all the pictures you see on this website are our own - we have not stolen any from US or Chinese  websites. All Pictures show our own kits and most show cars we have fitted the kits onto. A few are kindly supplied by customers although these are clearly identified as such. Action will be taken against anyone stealing our photos or text for use on other websites or in ebay listings.