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Orimental Front bumper, skirts, and bootspoiler on red Corsa on the cover of Max Power, and also on the DVD.

These items were fitted and painted by Phil Chapman, at what is now North Walsham Accident Repair Centre.


The Autofashion website was set up originally to market the G.R.P. products developed by Custom Group for internal use from 1993 onwards (and now marketed by Custom Parts Limited). These products were developed as a direct result of our experiences buying fibreglass products from other companies. We tried most of the companies advertising within the magazines and were disappointed.

So we made our own. These were so successful that we now have many many hundreds of moulds, and within certain key areas have an unrivalled worldwide product range. 

Concentrating on high quality and excellent fit the range has expanded at an incredible rate , and increasing daily. We believe that it is our commitment to quality products at very affordable prices that has been the key to our success.


We have what is without doubt the largest range of composite customizing and styling products offered by any company anywhere in the World today. Ranging from bonnet vents, to bonnets, right up to full bodykits. The chances are if you have seen a product featured in a magazine we do it!!

We do not purchase products from other companies. Our range of products is manufactured completely in-house, and will remain so.


We have concentrated very heavily on Escorts and Fiestas as the core of our Ford products. We started with a very specific emphasis on the World Rally Car style of product which we pioneered. Yet again we have the largest known range of any company World wide, with a range of WRC Front bumpers superior to those of Fibresports, MCR, and Ford put together!

The new RST kits mentioned in the News section only serve to strengthen the Ford range.

In recent years the new Animal kits for Escorts and Fiestas will give the option for something new and altogether more aggressive.

The main stay of our Jaguar range has to be the Phoenix conversion which can convert any XJ40 (XJ6 made from 1986 to 1996, and available from as little as 100) into a very accurate look-alike of a brand new 70,000 Jaguar or Daimler (model designation X300/X308). Popular with car dealers, wedding companies, and those just wanting to impress the neighbours. A second kit known as the Generation includes the front and rear bumpers, and replacement grill. Low cost and high quality are the main benefits of both kits.

Rover Products.

As detailed in the news section our acquisition of TMI has given us a good range of Rover products, for the Metro, Maestro, SD1,Rover 200, 400, 600, 800.

Development of many new products has improved the range further, and we now have the Worlds largest range of styling accessories for the Rover. There are still some large gaps in our range but we are working hard to plug these gaps.

If you are looking for something different for your Metro then this may be for you. There is very little available for the Metro in general but these products help to redress the balance.

The range of BMW products is set to expand over the next 12 months, as more and more products are added. To start with the now very good value, and extensively modified 3 series E30 is being concentrated upon. We have several boot spoilers, Rymax and Animal/Gordons kits, as well as twin taillights, eyebrow spoilers, mirrors, smooth grill and some other products in the pipeline.

We are also starting at the other end of the range with the awesome BMW 850. Initial products include a strut brace and bodykit, but some very very special items are on the way - watch the magazines and our own news section for the first information.

The E36, E34 and Z3 Animal kits are already available for those wanting something a little more aggressive than the usual options.

Our range of Vauxhall/Opel products is at present fairly limited. We have recently added Animal kits for the Nova, Mk2 Astra, Cavalier, Corsa, and Calibra. As always we can still carry out one-offs, development work, and fitting of any kit. Please phone and we will try and help.

There has been a very obvious and very sudden move towards the use of Japanese vehicles for many modification projects since the launch of The Fast and The Furious and Too Fast Too Furious. Our product range includes very little for such vehicles. We currently offer an Orimental kit for the Generation 2 RX7. Supply of this kit is limited to 10. Yes we are only going to make 10 kits, so if you are interested then let us know.



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