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The Red Fiesta was installed with Lambo Doors by Shaun and Phil, using the universal Lambotek kit. As you can see on the program the doors open really high - this is the best kit you can buy because it bolts on, is adjustable, and lifts really high - NO OTHER KIT ON THE MARKET OFFERS ALL THREE (even though some do promise). You normally get to choose one or two. Pimp my Ride needed the best and they needed it quickly, which is why we fitted it for them.

We approached the job the same as any Lambo install - the first job was to take these pictures of the car before we started. This shows the car with original doors fitted.
The first job was to cut large chunks out of the inner wing as Lambo doors will not fit the Mk3 Fiesta before this is done.

A very thick plate is then welded into place to re-introduce the strength and to allow somewhere to bolt the kit. We were working so fast we forgot to take photos (and the MTV camera man got up late so he didn't get any shots either!)

Here you can see the plate welded and being drilled/tapped to bolt the Lambo door kit on. This had to be made by welding the two parts together.

After repeating the task on the other side all was installed by around 9.00 pm. The two of us, had carried out the basic install in just 1 very long day, leaving the Carisma boys to do the wiring and paintwork. Around working 24 hours in total - not bad, and we even made it onto the screen for around a second each!!!

After 12 hours and a 2 1/2 hour drive home I am not sure if Shaun is smiling or growling in this photo. The car looked great in black when the show aired.

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This Red/Brown Jaguar shows off the new Jaguar Bumpers that we made especially for the program.

Bumpers were developed, and painted, and then re-tried on a car before being waxed for moulding.

As is often the case time was a real issue.

The moulding process takes a great deal of time, and each stage needs items cured before the next step.

Below you can see moulds for rear bumper (left) being made.

Right you can see inside the front bumper, with exterior flanges being added to prevent the mould from shrinking or deforming, and to allow release points for the actual bumpers.

All moulds are made in this way - it can take 8-12 hours to add flanges to a ready bumper!

Below you can see the same bumper with plastercine edges and a coat of clear moulding gel (almost invisible)


Left is the same bumper with its first layers of fibreglass mat/resin.

It seems that we are now getting somewhere, but there are 11 separate stages to this, and then the end caps to follow the same process.

Whilst it does start to look like a mould, there is much hard work yet to complete.

Wet resin below must be allowed to fully cure before being sanded and another layer added another day.

Making the moulds is a very time consuming process that takes around 40 hours per bumper (and thats after the bumper itself has been made).

This is the reason than a new set of moulds like the ones pictured above often cost around 10,000, and the reason they have to make the maximum amount of copies possible to recover such large costs.

Having said that a single mould for a plastic injection machine of this size can cost 100,000-150,000, so 10k does kind of look like a bargain - its also the reason most bodykits are made from fibreglass.

In grey you can see the very first copy of the kit made, which was about to be packed and send to Colchester for Pimp my ride.

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BMW E30 (Series 2)

The Blue BMW on series 2 saw Martin fitting our Suicide doors to the rear of the four door BMW 3 series. Not an easy task but it really made the car.


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