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Classic Mini

We have finished the Impossible!!!


Many hundreds of customers have enquired about Lambos for the Classic Mini - at first we told them it could not be done!

NOW WE HAVE DONE IT!!! Looks like we were wrong - it could be done, but was very difficult.

But now after months of development, and several different designs we have used some of the things we learnt on the Z3 lambo development program to engineer a kit for the classic Mini. Please be under no illusion - this is not an easy install - the whole A panel and A post has to be rebuilt in order to get Lambos on the classic Mini and even then things are close. The door and aperture need slight modifications to get everything to fit, and you should budget for painting both the door and the A panel and wing.

Even though there is a lot of work involved this Lambo conversion works well, and opens wide - no Limbo Dancer kit.

A conventional Lambo door kit will NOT work on a Mini. Even if you manage to cut out the A post and reverse the kit to get it to fit in the space, it will then just catch on the wheels - Universal (Civic) kits do not fit on Minis.

Every aspect of this kit is different to our normal Lambo kits.

Price for the kit is 650, and 1500 plus paint for the installation.


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