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Phase 1

Jason's Mini was the first customers car to be fitted with the new Animal kit. An October 2001 built BMW MINI the first thing we did was to replace the taillights with the fantastic looking white ones.

After only 9 months the customer had managed to damage every panel on the car - every panel. It doesn't show in the photos all that well but even the roof has about 6 dents. The car needed a full re-paint anyway and the decision was taken to change the colour whilst we were at it - in cases like this it does not cost all that much more.

The car was lowered, had a special powertek exhaust, and of course the Animal kit including front bumper, rear bumper, skirts, spoiler, and wide arches. With its tinted windows, beautiful British Racing Green paint, and OZ racing 18's the car already stands out from the crowd - with the new kit you are not going to miss this car - especially with its colour changing metalflake paintjob.

Standardish BMW MINI Standardish MINI
White Taillights look the business

De-badged and with the lights replaced its already starting to improve.

As with all these projects the first task is to strip the cars (below).

Just because the car is brand new does not mean that the procedure is any different from any other car on this site. For bonding the arches on (always preferable since it gets rid of the unsightly gaps our competitors have with their wide arches) we start by stripping to bare metal, laminating, and then bond on the arches and skirts.

This is the rear bumper before fitting - you can see the new Exhaust system in place. This was specially constructed for the car.

The bumper is not to everyone's taste and has been replaced by something more conventional.

Below the bonnet is stripped and then the newly developed vent bonded into place. The vent was developed on a Cooper S bonnet (before they were launched!) hence the bulge at the front which makes the pictures look like we have made the job very awkward.

With a coat of primer the whole thing starts to look rather more like a car again. Whole character of the car has been changed to something far more aggressive, far more angry and dangerous looking.

The arches might have been copied by a competitor but the animal kit was the first of its kind launched in Autumn 2001 well over a year before the copies came along in Feb 2003.

The colour change paint looks green until it hits the sun and then it just goes wild, you can just make out the metalflake sparkle in the picture.

In the pictures above you can see the car being painted. If you note the dull matt patches in some photos these are where the car has been re-flatted ready for recoating. This is needed with all metal flake finishes in order to achieve a good flat finish that will not shrink back later.



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